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He Fought For It, Use It

2020 Entry for AIGA's Get Out The Vote Poster Competition

Digital Illustration  |  Poster Design


Design a poster for AIGA's Get Out The Vote poster competition. The poster should be encouraging, not directly affiliated with any political party, and be persuasive enough to get non-voters to vote in the 2020 U.S. Primary Election.

GRDS201_Project2_Holloway_Jade copy.gif


Congressman John Lewis has been a great inspiration to Americans, Georgia citizens, and myself throughout his lifetime. Since his passing in July of 2020, I wanted to honor him and his voting rights efforts during the Civil Rights Movement and even in more recent years.


Because of his devotion to getting the vote for African Americans and people of color, I used his legacy as the prime focus for my AIGA Get Out The Vote poster design.


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