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Partnered with Luxury & Brand Management students at SCAD and a professional 3D designer to brand a student-created fragrance inspired by the fashion house, Schiaparelli. Includes design of the bottle and package for the "new" Schiaparelli fragrance, "Firma: Eau De Parfum", an amber floral fragrance that is ultra-feminine and bold.

Year: 2022

Client: LXMT Students - Schiaparelli Team

Role: Art Director

Creative Services: 

Brand Identity

Identity System Design

Product Design

Package Design



Brand Story:

Innovative, Imaginative, Iconic - Schiaparelli thinks beyond the realm of reality to bring the world pieces that have shocked and amazed audiences for nearly 100 years.


Extract the bold, creative, unique, and captivating spirit of Schiaparelli in fragrance branding through product design, package design, and marketing.


Bring Surrealism to the forefront of the package, bottle, and applications through touch and sight. Visuals will have audiences intrigued and desperate to know more about not only the fragrance, but the House of Schiaparelli.

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